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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

So you have a dinner party with the girls from college days and you are the assigned host. Now what? You know how to cook but you want to wow that friend who always thought you were average. Sure you can buy take out, or hire a caterer such as Not Jus Southern Caterers (maybe next time), but tonight you need the food to be all prepared by you! This is common among us women when having old friends over, and the only way to do it is TO DO IT YOURSELF....Semi of course. Besides, you still have to glam up two notches plus ten, put on it that freak'em dress and those red bottom heels, and don't forget the Tiffany wear and Perfume. Diva.. and the crowd goes ape! Thank the Carters (Bee & Jay)! LOL

Now lets rewind to the kitchen. This is a girls night, so lets be easy on ourselves. We're going to need some mini eggo waffles, chicken fingers, a small bottle of syrup, about 3 baguettes (you choose your flavors), goat cheese, brie, roast beef, smoked salmon, basil, cucumbers, cream cheese, assorted cheese (cheddar,swiss, etc), seedless grapes, grape tomatoes, and a bag of wingettes from Bj"S or your best supermarket with half wing cuts. You will also need some butter or margerine, a bottle of buffalo hot sauce and fresh parsley and dill.Since women love to watch their figure, grab some spring mix herbs and make a home made vinegrette. You can also substitute the herbs with a pasta like our "Summer pasta", or do both. To avoid a long post i will give you the line up to add on each appetizer. 1. Cucumber, cream cheese, smoked salmon garnish with a fine piece of dill. You can also do some with the baguettes. done. 2. baguette, roast beef(rm temp) goat cheese, arugula, a pinch of s/p. done. 3. baguette toasted, evoo drizzle, brie.pinch parsley. done. 4. baguette, goat cheese, grape tomatoes sliced, s/p. done. 5. Waffle toasted, fried chicken finger(drain on napkin first) drizzle a little syrup garnish with parsley. done. 6. In a small platter(or as you need), arrange grape tomatoes in middle, create a quarter section in a circle and add cheddar, grapes, cheddar, and grapes. You can opt to add other fruits also for more variety. done 7. Preheat oven at 375, last but not least Season wings with salt, pepper, and minced garlic (buy in jar) garlic, add some cayenne for spicy. drizzle some canola oil and toss with hand in a bowl( I prefer glass bowls to avoid bacteria in plastic) then spread on a sheet pan lined with foil or parchment paper for easy clean up. place in oven and bake for 25 -30 minutes turning over with a tong after 15 minutes. Bake to desired crispiness. WHILE WINGS ARE IN OVEN. in a pan melt butter or margerine (1 stick per 24 wing), and 1 teaspoon of garlic, stir for 60 seconds, add buffalo sauce cook low about 2 minutes, and remove to a large bowl and cover. Once wing are done, remove from pan onto a plate lined with a napkin and let sit for about 1 minute to drain excess grease. Add wings about 10 at a time to bowl and toss. remove to a platter and repeat until complete. Garnish wings with chopped parsley rough or fine, and Bam you are finished. Decorate your table and add the glasses of choice with 5 inch plates and plate appetizers on rectangle white platters uniformed on the table with a table cloth of choice. White, black, or burgundy are popular with some fresh flower arrangements and some nice cocktails. Look for my blog on table setting for small parties coming soon. I hope your party is grand and they hate you for your awesomeness!! You go girl!!!!! Flawless.

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